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 (French/ Armenian/Enghlish)


 (French/ Armenian/English)

Conversation - Khossagtsoutioun - խօսակցութիւն

Parev polorit, Hello everyone

If you’re here, it(s probably that you remember armenian words from your grand mother or someone else from your family and maybe would like to recall the pleasure of speaking this lovely langage that has been forgotten because of not having a chance to practice it with your surroundings.

So, here’s a chance to start or try again speaking and practicing occidental armenian, our history and family heritage for most Armenians (from Turkey, Lebanon and Syria) and all those who emigrated to Europe and America.

No matter where your motivation comes from, your origins or just the pleasure of talking armenian with your family members or friends, you will find here a mean of learning it without necessarily learning the alphabet with its 38 letters sometimes difficult to memorize.

We will propose you every day casual life expressions and will be waiting for your suggestions to start making it interesting for you as you will express your needs.

So welcome - Pari yegak !


Այսքան չարիք թէ մոռանան մեր որդիք, թող ողջ աշխարհ կարդայ հայուն նախատինք
Armenagan 2004 Taline